Most of you will be familiar with our 4 ‘P’s - the values behind everything we do to provide the best possible care for our patients.

In order to achieve this we need to have the right culture for our staff, where individuals are able to fulfill their potential and where we feel supported by our colleagues and managers as part of a team.

Our employee promise comprises 8 different areas for the Trust to focus on. It is essentially a commitment by us, as an organisation, to continue creating the right environment at the Trust and for staff to feel empowered in their everyday jobs to live our values.


We promise:

Health and Wellbeing

  • We will listen and carefully consider your physical and emotional wellbeing needs
  • We will provide you with a safe working environment
  • We will support you to make positive lifestyle choices


  • We will make business decisions based on reason, conscience, and legitimate rules
  • We will share burdens and successes appropriately


  • We will treat each and every member of staff with courtesy, dignity, and intelligence
  • We will be open and honest
  • We will value your views and embrace individual differences


  • Our leaders will know and understand their teams and thei strengths and challenges
  • Our leaders will always have their eyes and ears open
  • Our leaders will set clear direction
  • Our leaders will lead by example

Team Spirit

  • You will be surrounded by supportive people, working together with a common goal
  • Your team's role will be understood by others in the organisation
  • We will encourage working relationships that make work productive and enjoyable

Making a Difference

  • We will ensure you have what you need to make a positive difference in your role
  • We will seek out your ideas and ask for your opinions
  • We will empower you to make improvements and entrust you with responsibility

Reward and Recognition

  • We will appreciate our staff as our most valuable asset
  • We will recognise you for the work you do
  • We will celebrate your successes
  • We will reward your greatest achievements


  • We will create and enhance opportunities for you to learn
  • We will review and discuss your progress with you regularly