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Following the announcement by the Prime Minister that the public are being asked to avoid non-essential contact with other people, the Trust has taken the decision that, where clinically appropriate, outpatient appointments will be switched to telephone or video consultations. However, some face to face appointments will still continue where it is clinically necessary (for example if there needs to be a physical examination or a procedure, or a minor operation is planned).

For patients whose appointment is no longer planned to be face to face, we will contact you over the coming days to notify you that your appointment will now be by telephone or by video. Some patients who will continue to require a face to face appointment may also be contacted if the date, time or venue of your existing outpatient appointment will need to change, for example because our clinical teams are providing additional inpatient ward cover or other actions to support the pandemic and no longer available to run an outpatient clinic. We will also be moving some outpatient appointments from St. Peter’s Hospital to Ashford Hospital to free up capacity on St Peter’s site for urgent and emergency patients.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this causes but the safety of our patients must remain a top priority and it is important to ensure that we fully comply with the actions taken by government to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

We are aiming to contact all patients over the coming to notify them of any planned changes. However if you do not hear from us to confirm that your appointment will remain face to face please do contact us in the week prior to your appointment to check that you definitely need to attend the hospital.

If patients are worried we would ask them to please call the number on your appointment letter. However our Trust staff are very busy in responding to the current situation so please bear with us if we are not able to provide an immediate response.


Outpatient Text Reminders

If you have previously opted out of receiving outpatient text reminders from Ashford and St Peters hospital. Due to COVID 19 there have been some clinic changes and we may need to notify you by text if you do not need to attend the clinic.

If you wish to opt back in to receive these reminders please contact us on 01784 884351.

If you do not opt in then please ensure you contact your Clinic Officer prior to attending any appointment in person to check that you still need to come to the hospital.